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Teen Vegan Activist Greta Thunberg Called “Unstable” By Anti-Vegan Piers Morgan

by | October 4, 2019

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan criticized teen activist Greta Thunberg last week, calling her “unstable.”

Morgan said he felt “uncomfortable” watching her recent speech at the UN Climate Action Summit, adding that she has come from a “damaged background which should not be ignored.”

During the speech in question, Thunberg condemned world leaders for stealing her childhood and called their commitment to the environment into question in a powerful display apparently not well received by Morgan.

Morgan clashed with GMB co-host Susanna Reid during the segment, in which he called the 16-year-old climate change activist “unstable.”

“If you don’t feel comfortable to the extent of her getting criticized, then she should step aside and go back to school,” he added.

Thunberg has taken a year off school to bring about more action on climate change.

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Piers Morgan & His Anti-Vegan History

His criticism of the young vegan activism is not the first time he’s fired shots at members of the vegan community, or sparked controversy within it.

In January, Morgan expressed his dislike for Greggs’ vegan sausage roll on GMB. After taking a bite, the TV host spit out while his food while his co-host appeared to enjoy the faux meat product — the beginning of what would turn into a long rivalry between himself and vegans.


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