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Tesla Model 3 Interior Now Completely Vegan

by | September 4, 2019

Tesla announced via Twitter last week that the Model 3 electric car now comes with the option of entirely leather-free interior.

While the interior has been mostly vegan for some time, the steering wheel was the sticking point for luxury brand. The brand struggled to find an animal-free material that would be durable enough to handle the steering wheel’s heat function.

The automotive giant is now offering retrofitting for owners of current Model 3s, so that they can upgrade their car to be entirely leather free.

The Model 3’s interior is currently made up of Tesla Synthetic Material, which is not sourced from animals and has all the qualifications the company needs for its luxury interiors.

Under pressure from animal rights organizations, including PETA, Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised at the last shareholder meeting to create a fully vegan car interior. The automotive giant has also told PETA that the entirety of the soon-to-be-released Model Y will be leather free.

Tesla Steering Wheel
The new electric car can have a leather-free interior (Source: Christopher Lyzcen / Shutterstock.com)

Tesla: Vegan Celebrity-Approved

Leilani Münter, a former professional ARCA racer and noted vegan, recently took to Twitter to post about upgrading her own steering wheel to the animal-free option.

She says the new steering wheel has a much nicer feel.

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