The Plant Era Vegan Protein — A No-Nonsense Review

by | March 10, 2020

by Emily Court

In a time of more protein powders than you can shake a celery stick at, it can certainly seem hard to choose.

One of the options on the market is the range from UK-based vegan startup The Plant Era, which offers both a Dark Chocolate and — wait for it — a Strawberry Basil flavored powder.

Both products are made using a blend of pea and rice protein, and boast 95 percent organic ingredients. Each packet also contains 50 percent of one’s daily recommended B12 intake, a feature which, according to The Plant Era, helps to fight post-workout or day-to-day fatigue.

Those are the basics. So, without further ado, here are the particulars — from one vegan’s perspective, anyway. I tried the dark chocolate protein exclusively, so can’t speak to the Strawberry Basil (although it has sparked my interest).

The Plant Era Vegan Protein

Definitive Pros

On Consistency

This powder, while certainly there, is not gritty like I have found so many protein powders (especially those containing rice blends) to be. Despite hand mixing it with a only non-dairy milk, I was left with a smooth drinking experience and feel confident this product would work well in a smoothie.

On Flavor

I find a lot of protein powders to taste distinctly artificial — to the point that I choose to avoid them all together. When I saw that the sweetener was stevia based, I was especially worried. I know some people love stevia, but I usually find it to taste overwhelming and, again, artificial. This was not the case here at all. This protein just tasted like chocolate. I also liked that I felt like I could put this in a smoothie and still taste the other ingredients.

On Composition

While I lack the nutritional expertise to comment on why this is the case, I can say for sure that I found this protein powder to be comparatively easy to digest. I’ve struggled with most of the protein supplements I’ve tried, usually experiencing bloating as a bare minimum — wildly sluggish digestion at worst. With this product, I was fine.

vegan plant era protein

The (Possible) Cons

On Flavor

I really enjoyed the taste of this protein. Someone looking for something a bit more robust might not. While I appreciated that it was on the mild side, it registered as subtle to me. It’s also barely sweet — lacking the grocey-store birthday cake sweetness so many brands seem to favor. These are features I loved. You might feel differently.

On Ingredients

If you are the sort who’s bothered physically by stevia, you might want to opt for a product with a different sweetener, or no sweetener whatsoever. If this sounds like you, a flavorless protein might be the best fit. That said, those looking for a nicely flavored, palatable, pre-sweetened powder, are likely to find this product to be a good fit.

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