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Why Was Pamela Anderson Giving Out Free Vegan Meals In Vancouver Last Week?

by | October 15, 2019

Vegan actor Pamela Anderson has joined forces with the Green Party of Canada to supply vegan meals to Vancouver residents. 

Anderson, who was born in Vancouver, and Green Party candidate Bridget Burns held an event to help local residents register to vote for the upcoming federal election. Those in attendance could enjoy a free lentil curry dish, with rice, vegan Greek salad and naan bread, alongside vegetables and hummus.

Speaking on their choice of food for the event, Burns said “It was important for us to serve food that was in line with our own personal values…it was fresh, healthy, hot, and nutritious – the type of food which is sadly not always available to vulnerable people living in this part of town.”

Anderson has been an outspoken advocate for veganism and environmental issues over the last few years, and has collaborated with PETA on multiple campaigns.

pamela anderson vegan advocate
Pamela Anderson has partnered with PETA for a number of campaigns (Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

Vegan Green Party Candidate

Burns, who has long embraced veganism, has said of the elections that “I’m running to represent East Vancouver as our Member of Parliament because I care about my home, my neighbourhood, my city. I want to see it thrive as a creative, connected and ultra-livable community for generations to come.

Burns is the founder of The Vegan Project, an online community to inspire others to embrace veganism, and describes herself on the site as a passionate “Recipe Creator and Personal Chef, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and big time animal lover.”

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