This Dad Is Trying To Get Changing Tables Installed In Men’s Restrooms

by | November 6, 2018

It only takes one person with an idea to change the world, and this dad is doing just that. He’s trying to get baby changing tables installed in men’s restrooms. 

The best thing I like about modern times is the changing mentality. There are men coming out of their comfort zone and challenging gender roles. From changing diapers to being a hands-on husband, there are men who love taking care of their families and this isn’t being taken as absence of manliness.

changing tables

One such dad is Scotty Schrier, who has taken it upon himself to get changing tables installed at men’s restrooms. Schrier explained it to Parents how the idea struck him. Schrier comments how being an involved dad he once had to grab his kid in one hand and the diaper bag in another. He rushed to nearby men’s washroom only to realize that there isn’t any changing table there. It then dawned on him that even in modern times as of today, men aren’t considered primary care taker of kids. Stereotypes about gender roles have been entrapped in our subconscious to such an extent that even a basic task, such as changing diapers, is considered a woman’s job.

Schrier has been so committed to the idea of having changing tables installed that he has started a website called as ‘Dads who change diapers‘. His website has been working tremendously hard to promote the cause and they go, as far as, urging men to boycott facilities that don’t have changing tables installed restrooms for men.

Schrier explains his mission through his blog post.

Personally, I feel voices like Schrier’s make us believe that we live in a sane world. Dads like him are the beacons of hope for a beautiful tomorrow.



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