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This Vegan Egg Substitute Just Got Easier — Haden’s Aquafaba

by | June 18, 2020

Aquafaba — the hot vegan ingredient with a name that roughly translates to “beanwater” — has made serious waves in the plant-based scene and beyond.

While it is widely known today among pro and at-home chefs, the popularity of this strange and magical substance is relatively fresh. In fact, it has only really risen to fame over the last six years or so.

Now, breakout brand Haden’s Aquafaba is taking this culinary hot stuff to the next level — and plans to simplify its use for us all.

Haden's Aquafaba Egg Substitute
An easy-to-use and freezer-ready product (Raise Vegan/Haden’s Aquafaba)

Aquafaba — More Than An Egg Substitute

Haden’s Aquafaba was a brand born from the desire of one entrepreneur to share something wonderful that she simply stumbled upon.

During her own transition to veganism, Sylvia Haden, whose husband is a chickpea farmer and who has a longstanding reputation in the hummus scene, was surprised to discover that a byproduct of her cooking — chickpea water — could be so useful.

“Aquafaba is the perfect egg substitute in thousands of egg-free recipes,” Sylvia told Raise Vegan

“It serves as the perfect emulsifier and binder and is a healthier alternative to other substitutes.”

But that’s not all. Today’s chefs are using this starchy substance in a wild array of recipes. Aquafaba can up your culinary game when it comes to whipped cream, cocktails, dairy-free ice cream, eggless mayonnaise and much, much more.

vegan organic Haden's Aquafaba
Haden’s is great for whipped cream, baked goods, and more (Raise Vegan/Haden’s Aquafaba)

Why Haden’s Aquafaba?

Of course, chickpea cooking water seems relatively easy to come by, right? Why buy aquafaba when you can make your own?

The answer to that is multifold — and Sylvia helped to break it down for us.

“Hadenʼs Aquafaba has done all the work for you,” she said. “That is the magic of ready-to-use!

She explained that instead of having to keep countless cans of organic, salt-free chickpeas on hand, and going through the process of separating and reducing the liquid inside, at-home cooks can turn to Haden’s for an egg replacement as easy to use as, well, an actual egg — and boasting a number of other perks.

“You can refrigerate our product up to 21 days and then freeze it to use as needed,” Sylvia added. “It is the definition of convenience.”

“Also, just one six-pack yields the same amount of aquafaba as 24 cans of salt-free, organic, BPA-free chickpeas — meaning our price of $34.99 with free domestic shipping work’s out to be a real bargain.”

Boasting the world’s first ready-to-use aquafaba, Haden’s aims to help cooks everywhere skip the middleman — in this case, chickpeas — and enjoy this awesome ingredient while staying on budget and focused on health.

kids with Haden's Aquafaba
Cooking with kids just got easier (Raise Vegan/Haden’s Aquafaba)

Why Vegan?

Sylvia emphasized also that opting for aquafaba as an egg or dairy alternative can help animal-conscious consumers reduce animal harm.

“By refusing to pay for animal products, you reduce the demand for them, which ensures fewer animals are bred to suffer and die on farms and in slaughterhouses,” she said.

At the end of the day, she added, this is one of the things that keeps her going.

“It has been fulfilling to create a product that is so useful but also has meaning and purpose.”

Order yours today on the Haden’s Aquafaba website.

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