This Vegan Smoothie Makes On-The-Go Nutrition Simple

by | January 3, 2020

Catalina Crunch has launched a delicious new range of keto-friendly vegan smoothies.

The new smoothies are available in three indulgent flavors — Mixed Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Tropical Pineapple. 

Each flavor is made from a delicious combination of fruits and superfoods, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of nutritious whole foods in a convenient smoothie.

“Most smoothies currently on the market have a ton of sugar” said Krishna Kaliannan, the company Founder and CEO.

“We wanted to introduce a product made with wholesome ingredients, focused on nutrition and great taste but also add the convenience of a product that can be stored and made at home.”

healthy vegan smoothie
Catalina Crunch smoothies are easy to make at home in seconds (Photo: Luna Vandoorne/

Enjoy Catalina Crunch Smoothies

You can order yours online now, starting at $89 for a pack of 12 smoothies.

When you are ready to enjoy a smoothie — or wish to prepare one for later — simply open the cup, pour the ingredients into a blender, and add water and ice. Your smoothie will be ready to drink in just a few seconds.

catalina crunch smoothie vegan
The keto-friendly smoothies are available in three delicious flavors

Nutritious Vegan Smoothies

Catalina Crunch is most well known for its zero-sugar, low-carb cereal. the brand has now become the first to create shelf-stable smoothies from whole fruits and vegetables, instead of powdered ingredients.

Just one of these smoothies boasts an impressive 6g of protein, as well as 5g of carbs — with no added flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Check out the entire range and order yours here.

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