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Tom Ford, Creator Of Iconic Tom Ford Glasses Line, Goes Vegan?!

by | December 21, 2017

Iconic designer Tom Ford, with his iconic Tom Ford Glasses line, is the latest of celebrities and fashion designers to go public with their decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Iconic designer Tom Ford was interviewed for Vogue’s January 2018 issue where he confirmed that he had made the change to a vegan lifestyle. He made the decision after watching the documentary “What The Health” during the summer. Ford revealed that after watching the documentary he first told a close friend and fellow vegan designer, Stella McCartney, the news of his decision to go vegan. Fans are anxiously awaiting to see if he will turn his Tom Ford glasses line vegan.

During the interview, he described telling close friend McCartney about the exciting news. “I sent a note to Stella McCartney – one of my best friends and one of Jack’s godparents – and I said, ‘Stella you’re not going to believe this,’ thinking she would say ‘Well it’s about time!’ But She didn’t, she said ‘Congratulations.’ She was very gracious about it.”

McCartney was thrilled over the news of the designer’s decision to become vegan and be more compassionate towards animals. Cruelty-free clothing is a passion close to McCartney’s own heart. The designer has implemented cruelty-free designs into several of her recent collections.

During the interview, Ford revealed he is still transitioning to his new vegan lifestyle, and fans are hoping he will turn his iconic Tom Ford glasses line vegan. He is currently still looking for a vegan replacement for the only non-vegan food that still remains in his diet – “Percy Pigs” candy which contains gelatin. The designer commented on the candy with a hint of regret in his voice stating, “They do make a vegan version, but they’re not the same”.

It’s such positive and exciting news to hear so many prominent designers and celebrities adopting a vegan lifestyle in recent years. Hopefully, this will influence other designers to look for alternatives to traditional fabrics, such as leather, fur, and wool, and create a demand for good quality vegan fabrics.

Are you like me and waiting for the iconic Tom Ford glasses line to turn vegan?

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