Top 6 Pregnancy ‘Must Haves’

by | September 13, 2017

The world of maternity shopping can be an overwhelming place, but what do you really need to buy when you’re expecting?



1. Comfortable Clothes


This might be controversial but…


Maternity clothes are ugly and overpriced. There are so many better things to spend your money on at this special time in your life. Get creative and add a few key pieces into your wardrobe. Secondhand or even borrowed if possible. I wore the same tops and dresses before, during, and after pregnancy. While regretting buying expensive maternity leggings that sagged after a couple of months. Buy a couple of good quality nursing bras two cup sizes up from your pre-pregnancy size.




2. Supportive Shoes


Shoes are the item of a mother-to-be’s wardrobe that is too often overlooked. You are likely to become around 20% heavier over your pregnancy. Imagine the pressure that will put on your poor feet. A few weeks after your baby is born you’ll probably be itching to get out and about and walking is a great way to regain your fitness. so your new shoes will get even more use then.


3. A Belly Support Band


Many people assume back pain and the ‘pregnancy waddle’ are due to the weight of carrying a baby. However hormonal and postural changes from early in pregnancy can lead to lower back and/or pelvic pain that can make everyday activities almost impossible.


A support band around your lower abdomen can help support your belly, back, and hips. Keep your pelvis and spine aligned, and help you to regain your fitness after your baby is born. There are many types of support bands available, from a simple compression bandage through to re sizable Velcro bands. Your choice will come down to budget and whether you plan to continue using the band post-partum.




4. A Body Pillow


While those full body pillows that cradle your belly and back are very tempting and the ladies modelling them always look like they are having the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had (pretty unlikely if they really are pregnant!),


Remember to be practical. You’re likely to be quite a restless sleeper. And over the months to come and the last thing you’ll need is a huge lump of pillow getting in your way every time you roll over.


A normal pillow under your bump and one between your knees may be all you need, or you could invest in a purpose made support pillow such as the Belly-bean or Butterfly. (which we’ve linked in the heading to give you an idea)


5. So. Much. Food.


I cannot stress this enough- listen to your body!


A plant-based diet is very easy for our bodies to digest so more food. It is generally needed to reach the recommended daily energy intake. Add to this the fact that your body is creating a human being. You will understand why you are constantly hungry!


Pregnancy can increase your energy needs by 10-20% and your body will especially need more of certain nutrients. Mainly protein, iron, calcium, folate, and vitamin B12. Keeping healthy snacks at hand will ensure you keep up with your increased energy needs. nuts, dried fruits, and fortified cereals are all great snacks that are easy to carry in your bag or tuck away in a desk drawer.


6. Moisturizing Oil


Coconut oil was my best friend during pregnancy and continues to be my number one product because it’s just so versatile. One symptom of pregnancy I was not expecting was itchy skin. And not just on my belly! Some days even my arms and legs itched and it was coconut oil that saved me. Any oil that moisturizes your skin (everyone’s skin is different so will react differently to each oil). Will not only save you from the itchiness but also increase your skin’s ability to heal postpartum.


Of course, there are many more items that it’s nice to have during pregnancy. Yet hopefully these six will ensure your comfort for the months to come. Use these items and drink a lot (a LOT!) of water and you’ll find the hard days of your pregnancy just a little bit easier

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you found the most useful during your pregnancy!



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