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Turkeys Honored As Thanksgiving Guests At Vegan Potluck Dinner

by | October 18, 2019

Compassionate diners at an animal sanctuary in Canada invited resident turkeys Mo and Leonard to their Thanksgiving meal. 

The vegan potluck dinner took place at the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary in Aldergrove, British Columbia, with Mo and Leonard considered to be the guests of honor.

The event was attended by 50 people who volunteer at the sanctuary, as well as a number of other animals who live there. 

The human diners described their turkey companions as being “social, sensitive and curious animals.”

turkey animal sanctuary
20 million turkeys are killed for food every year in Canada (Source: Tom Grundy/Shutterstock.com)

Happy Herd Animal Sanctuary: Beyond Vegan Thanksgiving

Steven Wiltshire, co-founder and director of the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary says that “Most people haven’t seen the turkeys up close and spent time with them, and when they do they’re surprised at how social they are.”

Diane Marsh, co-founder of Happy Herd, says that all of the animals are “a part of our family.”

The sanctuary, which spans four acres of farmland, is a home for animals that have been rescued from abuse. It currently counts goats, sheep, pigs and more among its residents, with some of these animals living in the house with Wiltshire and Marsh.

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