UK School And Hospital Catering To Cut Meat By 20%

by | April 16, 2020

The UK’s public sector caterers have pledged to cut meat served in meals at grade schools, universities and hospitals by 20 percent.

The move is intended to reduce environmental impact and make the meals — which are eaten by more than a quarter of the UK’s population — healthier. 

Chair of the PSC100 Group, Andy Jones, was clear in establishing the motive behind the change.

“It’s about doing the right thing,” he said. “We have to start reducing carbon emissions.”

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The change could result in a significant cut in food-related emissions

UK Meat Consumption & The Environment 

The announcement was made, accompanied by the hashtag #20percentless meat, on the cover of industry magazine Public Sector Catering.

According to the magazine, the meat and fish served in the UK public sector each year accounts for over 1 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent each year, meaning a 20 percent cut could reduce that number by over 200,000.

The magazine also features ads for a number of vegan products, further signs of the growth of a plant-based movement in the UK. 

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