UK’s Largest Egg Producer Goes Cage Free

by | March 22, 2018

The pressure of animal rights organizations continue to make history, as the United Kingdom’s largest egg producer goes cage free. Noble Foods announced to the world their decision, and has fully committed to become cage free by 2025, a few days after their abhorrent treatment of animals in their facilities.

Currently housing over four million chickens, all crammed into cages to produce eggs, with very minimal checks on their welfare, going against regulations in place to ensure the hens are checked on at least once a day. The Humane League UK has been asking the company to go cage free since October 2017. The organization obtained sixty-eight thousand signatures to support this request. To add further pressure, Animal Equality documented the conditions of the hens and released the footage to demonstrate the inhumane treatment of these hens.

Egg producer goes cage free

Animal Equality in their Facebook post celebrated the decision, while noting, “While cage free doesn’t mean cruelty-free, this decision will reduce the suffering of millions of hens in Britain every year.”  

They went on further to state, “We agree that seven years is too long to wait for this to come to fruition, however, we recognize that it will take Noble some time to transition all of their farms and supply chains to cage free, as the largest producer of eggs in the UK. They have said that by 2020, 70% of the chickens on their farms will be out of cages, so we’re hopeful that the process will move more quickly than stated. Of course, the best way to ensure suffering ends faster is to eliminate eggs from your diet and curb the demand for this product.”

This is good news for animal welfare and hopefully we will see other companies following in the footsteps of Noble Foods as the UK’s largest egg producer goes cage free.


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