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United Airlines Stops Promoting SeaWorld Amid Animal Welfare Concerns

by | July 29, 2019

United Airlines announced it will stop promoting and selling tickets to SeaWorld amid animal welfare concerns.

The airline pledged to remove all mentions of SeaWorld from the United Vacations website and will no longer sell tickets to the park, changes which follow requests from PETA, one of many animal advocacy organizations that condemns the parks.

“United Airlines made the right call to cut ties with a park that confines orcas and other dolphins to concrete tanks that, to them, are the size of bathtubs,” said PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange.

Happy Dolphin

“Stay Away”

Lange does not mix messages when it comes to the treatment of sea animals in captivity.

“SeaWorld is still breeding generation after generation of dolphins to be ridden around like surfboards in sea circus shows, and PETA urges anyone who cares about animals to stay away,” she said.

The organization argues that SeaWorld’s captive animals are overcrowded, mistreated, and unable to exhibit natural behaviours. In the wild, Orcas travel up to 140 miles per day, and dolphins 60 — both tasks impossible to duplicate in captivity.

Falling Out of Favor

United Airlines is by no means the first travel or transport brand to stop supporting SeaWorld.

Airlines Virgin, Alaska, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, Sunwing, and WestJet, have all also stopped advertising the park.

How do you feel about United Airlines no longer selling tickets to SeaWorld? Are there any other travel companies you wish would stop promoting SeaWorld? Let us know in the comments below.


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