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US Senators Back Bill To End Factory Farming By 2040

by | May 13, 2020

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker are hoping to bring an end to factory farming in the US by 2040 with a new bill.

If the bill — known as the Farm System Reform Act — is passed into law, then no new factory farms would be allowed to open with immediate effect. Existing operations would then be phased out by 2040.

Small and medium sized farms would still be allowed to operate.

“Regulators Looked The Other Way”

“For years, regulators looked the other way while giant multinational corporations crushed competition in the agriculture sector and seized control over key markets” said Warren.

“The COVID-19 crisis will make it easier for Big Ag to get even bigger, gobble up smaller farms, and lead to fewer choices for consumers.”

“We need to attack this consolidation head-on and give workers, farmers, and consumers bargaining power in our farm and food system.”

elizabeth warren factory farming
Elizabeth Warren has backed Cory Booker’s bill to end factory farming (Maverick Pictures/Shutterstock.com)

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An End To Factory Farming

Booker — the Senator for New Jersey — first suggested the Farm System Reform Act last year during his presidential campaign.

“Our food system was not broken by the pandemic,” Booker said, “and it was not broken by independent family farmers.”

“Undue Influence”

“It was broken by large, multinational corporations like Tyson, Smithfield, and JBS that, because of their buying power and size, have undue influence over the marketplace and over public policy.”

The New Jersey senator has followed a vegan diet for six years, having been a vegetarian since 1992.

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