Weaning A Vegan Baby And Timing

by | January 2, 2018

It feels a little bit like we’ve gone backwards this week in introducing my vegan baby to the world of solid food.

We were starting to create a bit of a routine regarding mealtimes but lately, with so many other things going on developmentally, our baby has shunned the idea of routine- as babies are so good at doing!
With a fourth tooth coming through, any time that isn’t spent pulling himself up to stand by the furniture or his toys is usually spent with a flood of drool covering his chin and cheeks as he gnaws enthusiastically on anything he can get his hands on. When it comes to food, this at least means that some things will be chewed, if not actually eaten.
The main obstacle to establishing a mealtime routine for our baby seems to be the struggle between energy expenditure and when to fit his naps in now that he usually only takes two a day. Breakfast used to be eaten soon after waking, followed by a bit of play, a quick nurse to top up, and a nap. Now it seems that eating just gets in the way of standing practice but frustratingly, fuel is needed for all that standing! After a nap has finally been wedged into his morning, our baby is happy to continue playing and practicing his new skills until he decides that it’s lunchtime… Only to ‘finish’ his lunch within minutes (with the help of the cats lying in wait under the high chair) and repeat the indecisive cycle of wanting fuel but not wanting to stop moving to get it. Dinner is usually a bit more readily accepted as long as he has managed to take a long enough nap in the afternoon and isn’t feeling torn between the need to sleep, eat, and play all at once!
I’m sure that it won’t be long before we have settled into a more predictable routine and our baby is eating almost as much as I do; in the meantime we will keep offering food when we are eating and letting him figure out what works for him. I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to have to work a baby’s wants and needs around a set schedule when it comes to mealtimes and I’m really grateful that we are lucky enough to be able to be flexible. Our baby doesn’t know just how good he’s got it!


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