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Vegan Brand Founder Calls For Meat Aisle To Be Rebranded As “Protein Aisle”

by | August 6, 2019

Founder of The Meatless Farm Co, Morten Toft Bech, has urged supermarkets to scrap the concept of a meat aisle, and call it “the protein aisle” instead.

“The vision is that you walk into a supermarket and it’s no longer called the meat aisle but it’s called the protein aisle — where there is a whole bunch of protein, some of which is from animals and hopefully of lot which is not,” he told Marketwatch.

The idea came about after The Meatless Farm Co tested its products in the meat aisle of UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. According to the Toft Bech, Sainsbury’s has been “very brave” in helping him test out the positioning of his plant-based meat products, while other retailers were hesitant to get behind the change.

The Danish entrepreneur said European and UK retailers fear that putting plant-based meats in the meat aisle will be a deterrent to vegan and vegetarian shoppers.

Meatless Farm Protein
Meatless Farm Protein (Source: The Meatless Farm Instagram)

The Meatless Farm Co launched its plant-based meat range in the US earlier this week, where it will appear at over 450 locations of grocery giant, Whole Foods Market.

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