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Vegan Bride Won’t Host Meat Eating Murderers at Her Wedding

by | February 16, 2019

A vegan bride dis-invited all non vegan guests. Read on to know more about the post that’s going viral right now…

I’m a sucker for those bridal television shows. You know, the ones like ‘say yes to the dress’ where you get to watch spoiled rotten bridezillas try on a bazillion dresses. Where the poor host Andy runs around like a mad thing trying to find something to please the eternally unpleasable. Or ‘four weddings,’ where four brides are pitted against each other, they all go to each other’s weddings and then the verbally tear each other apart. I live for this stuff. The crazier and nastier the bride-to-be is, the better. Well, move over Besty, there’s a new vegan bridezilla in town, and she’s taking no prisoners.

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Vegan Bride Won’t Host Meat Eating Murderers at Her Wedding

According to a thread posted on Reddit, a bride-to-be has uninvited all of her meat eating-wedding guests, including some of her own family. Screenshots were posted to Reddit from a group on Facebook called ‘Vegan Revolution.’ The vegan bride says that she won’t host murderers at her wedding.

Unsurprisingly, the vegan bridezilla received some killer backlash. The unnamed bride, who doesn’t want the weight of having people who still kill animals at her wedding on her conscience, reportedly got attacked when she broke the news to her omnivore friends. Unsurprisingly, she’s not one bit sorry and does not give two f**ks if people think she’s a bitch or rude. This bridezilla will not compromise her ethics for anyone. Not even for her bridesmaids who were pi**ed that she even invited them in the first place and that she didn’t tell them until after they’d picked out their bridesmaids dresses.

The bride’s post has sparked a massive debate in the comments on the Reddit thread, which has gone viral, even making headlines in the Daily Mail, and Brides. Commenters were asking ‘Why not just serve vegan food?’

I can completely understand hosting a vegan wedding, but I’m a bit confused as to why someone would dis-invite friends and family for not being vegan. I can’t imagine anyone would bring their own burger with them. A wedding is supposed to be about sharing the happiest day of your life with your closest friends and family. Now this vegan bride has alienated the majority of those.

I don’t know, what do you think? Was she right to do that? It’s her wedding, she can do what she wants, but part of me feels like this was a colossal attention-grabbing stunt.

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