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Vegan Doctor Brooke Goldner Says Relationships Are Key To Physical Health

by | September 6, 2019

In a recent video released to her YouTube channel, famed vegan nutrition expert Dr Brooke Goldner argues that healthy relationships are essential to physical health.

Together with her friend and relationship expert Stephanie McPhail, Goldner shares details on how poor mental health, a common result of unhealthy relationships, can impact the body.

“The stress you have becomes internalized and creates inflammation in your body, and when you have inflammation, you set yourself up for illness,” she says.

“Relationships and your stress levels truly do affect your physical health in a real way, in a way that you can measure in the bloodstream.”

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In the video, she and McPhail highlight poor boundaries and people pleasing as particularly harmful habits — often societally imposed on mothers in particular — and emphasize the importance of self prioritization. While Goldner acknowledges that self care and boundary setting may be especially difficult for parents, she argues that such habits are crucial to setting a good example.

“Your kids learn from what they watch you do,” she says. 

“Do you want to raise children that work really hard, pass out at night never having taken any time out for themselves, [are] not eating healthy, letting other people walk all over them, never speaking up for themselves — is that what you want to teach them?”

Golder explains also that creating healthy relationships is a two-way street, and that she aims to empower people who feel they’re being poorly treated and suffering the physical consequences to create change.

“You teach people how to treat you,” she says. 

“And the only way you can teach them is by, as with boundaries, telling them what you actually need and, you know, taking care of yourself the way you want them to take care of you.”

You can find the whole video here.

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Dr Brooke Goldner: Vegan Nutrition Pro

Goldner has garnered significant media attention for her work in disease reversal and management using a “hyper-nourishing” vegan diet.

Having suffered through chemo, and living with the prognosis of an early death and the inability to bear children, Goldner says she has cured herself of lupus and reclaimed her health through a diet rich in omega 3s, dark leafy greens, and raw fruits and vegetables. She is now a mother of two and appears happy and healthy — changes she credits in large part to the plant-based protocol she promotes.

Have you adopted a vegan diet for health reasons? Has changing your relationships improved your health? Let us know in the comments below.


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