Vegan Food Delivery On The Golf Course By Drone?

by | September 8, 2018

A golf course in North Dakota is approaching vegan food delivery in a new way – dropping off their veggie lahvosh and sweet potato fries to players on the golf course by drones.

The 6 week trial period of vegan food delivery by drone starts on September 15th at the King’s Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks, ND – where golfers can order food and drinks on their app and have their food flew to them by the drone at 30 mph and 250 feet above the ground to avoid any mishaps with the flying golf balls.

“The young golfers think it’s great. We’ve had people already call and ask — when’s the drone flying?” the golf course’s executive director, Bill Palmiscno, told CNN. “The old members kind of think, ‘oh you’re wasting your money.'”

The company providing the drones is FlyTrex, an Israeli start-up according to USA Today,  which has already found success in the vegan food delivery business in Iceland this year. For the drones to be a permanent fixture at the golf course, they’d need an FAA permit. In the U.S., drone delivery has been rare in general due to strict regulations.

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Like many golf courses, an employee roams the area in a beverage cart. But on busy days, players might wait as long as an hour before having the chance to buy something. Yes, they can duck into the restaurant positioned midway through the 18 holes, but the course and its partners say that’s a bit much to ask in today’s age of instant gratification.

“Wherever you are, you should be able to get what you want within a few minutes,” Yariv Bash, CEO of FlyTrex, the Israeil drone logistics startup operating the service, told CNNMoney. “Why wait?”

However, the open spaces provided by a golf course make an ideal test market, for this type of vegan food delivery, CEO Yariv Bash told CNN.

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