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Vegan Leather Brand Receives Cease and Desist

by | August 20, 2019

The German Leather Federation (VDL) has sent a cease and desist letter to a vegan leather company. 

The vegan start-up, NUUWAÏ — which makes an apple-based alternative to animal-based leather — will have to attend a hearing at Hanover Regional Court today, where it will be supported by PETA Germany.

The Federation claims that NUUWAÏ’s labeling is “misleading” and “anti-competitive.”

Multiple brands are using apples to make animal-free leather

Anti-Trust Laws Beyond Vegan Leather

By “anti-competitive,” the VDL means that, by using animal product industry terms to describe an alternative, it may “stifle or suppress competition.” 

This terminology comes from antitrust laws, or competition laws as they are called in the US. They are statutes developed by the government to protect consumers from predatory business practices and make sure fair competition exists.

This is by no means a new phenomena faced by vegan industries. The meat and dairy industries, in Europe and the US, have been raising similar concerns about product labeling of vegan meat and plant-based milks for a number of years.

Do you think it’s fair to label plant products as meat, milk, or cheese? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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