Vegan Seafood Company Looks Set To Become The Next Impossible Foods

by | August 7, 2018

Vegan seafood company Good Catch has its sights set on replacing seafood with plant-based alternatives and compete with Impossible Foods for the mock meat market.

Is vegan tuna going to grow as big as the Impossible Burger? A new startup, Good Catch seems to think so after announcing on Tuesday an $8.7 million round of funding which is being led by New Crop Capital, among other retailers such as Thrive Market and meal delivery service Fresh Direct. The company is betting big on the rise of consumers choosing plant-based options and hopes to expand into the market producing its environmentally friendly vegan seafood.

While there are already fake fish products on the market, there isn’t one company solely dedicated to creating mock fish at a large scale. Good Catch cofounder Chris Kerr said “When you look at the [human] palate that we get to work with, the ocean gives a lot more flexibility to be innovative. That’s the one side nobody was looking at it, yet nearly 40% of protein consumed by humans comes from seafood. We thought, ‘What an untapped market.'”

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Not only is this new vegan seafood venture great for people looking for plant-based options, it’s also got a huge environmental factor, with over 85% of marine life being fully exploited, or overfished according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization. Longtime activist Kerr stated that he previously was interested in investing in an existing vegan seafood company, but was unable to find good enough products to get behind, which made himself and his own investors decide to start from scratch and open up their own company.

Good Catch plans to release three shelf-stable mock tuna products in November: Naked, Mediterranean and Olive Oil & Herb. The company also plans to release a range of roughly three to five frozen offering in early 2019.

Are Good Catch set to become as big as Impossible Foods? Watch this space for more.

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