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Vegan Stars Woody Harrelson And Billie Eilish Kick Off 45th Season Of SNL

by | September 12, 2019

Saturday Night Live has announced that vegan stars Billie Eilish and Woody Harrelson will appear on the first episode of the series’ 45th season.

This will be Harrelson’s fourth time hosting SNL, and Eilish’s first time appearing on the show as a musical guest.

SNL announced the partial line up of hosts and guests via Twitter on August 26. Other future guests will include Kristen Stewart, Eddie Murphy, and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift
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Billie Eilish & Woody Harrelson: Vegan Advocates

Both Eilish and Harrelson have a history of vegan advocacy,

A longtime vegan, Harrelson is producing a documentary alongside the plant-based chefs of Wicked Kitchen. The film will feature vegan chefs, farmers, and other members of the food sector in order to explore more sustainable ways of eating and living. 

Eilish has spoken out about veganism on social media on a number of occasions. She recently posted on Instagram urging fans to “be smarter” and go vegan a move made in response to footage released by Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) of the abuse of dairy cows at Lightlife Farms.

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