Watch As Angry White Parents Show Their Racism In Elite NYC School Zone

by | May 1, 2018

The Upper West Side of Manhattan is known globally as one of the richest neighborhoods in Manhattan, with an elite NYC school zone.

New efforts to diversify the school zones has lead to many angry white parents showing that their racism is still alive and well. With local parents screaming across a packed meeting, about how students of color coming into their school, may take away college places from their already highly advantaged children.

Local news station, Spectrum News NY 1, posted a video online which shows angry parents furiously attacking a plan that would require all middle schools in the elite NYC school zone to reserve 25% of spaces available for students, who score below grade level in state exams for English and Math, due their own schools under-funding and lack of resources.

The plan is part of an effort to make Upper West Side schools more diverse, to reflect demographics of New York as a whole. it is no surprise, to learn that the elite NYC school zones, are predominately white.

One angry woman during the meeting showed her obvious disdain towards the plan.

“You’re talking about an 11-year-old, you worked your butt off, and you didn’t get that, what you needed or wanted. You’re telling them that you’re not going to go to a school that’s going to educate them the same way you’ve been educated. Life sucks!”

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Elected member of the Upper West Side Parent’s Council, Kristen Burger, told Spectrum News NY 1 the plan is to address diversity problems in the elite school zone’s middle schools, which have been described as ‘very segregated.’


Henry Zymeck, a middle school principal in the elite NYC school zone, has told many of the parents that he feels incredibly hurt by some of the comments being made by the parents, and the obvious racism. In the video he stated

 “There are kids that are tremendously disadvantaged, and to compare these students and say, ‘My already advantaged kid needs more advantage, they need to be kept away from those kids,’ is tremendously offensive to me.”

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