Wake up with Whole Foods vegan breakfast sandwiches

by | September 9, 2018

EatGUD vegan egg patties will be waking up Vegans at 58 Statewide Whole Foods Delis.

Whole Foods will be introducing, not one, not two, but three vegan egg breakfast sandwiches using EatGUD chickpea based egg patties by the end of September. Don’t get too excited East Coasters, they will only be available in Whole Foods locations in Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Hawaii (come on Whole Foods we might not sleep but we eat breakfast over here in NYC too).

The freshly made sandwiches will come in three options.

  • Very Veggie – Kite Hill Cream Cheese, roasted mushrooms, baby spinach, and tomato.
  • Spicy Soyrizo – El Burrito soyrizo, vegan chipotle aioli, and Good Planet vegan cheddar.
  • Bacun V’Egg &  Cheeze – Lightlife tempeh bacon and Good Planet Vegan Cheddar.

All will be served on a hot fresh english muffin.

I’m hungry just writing this.

Megan Tucker, Whole Foods Market prepared foods associate coordinator said,  “My team has a goal to offer vegan options in every category in our department, creating a vegan breakfast sandwich has been on my list for years, but I couldn’t figure out how our stores could do it. EatGUD owner David Medak and I started working together on new products last year. After he launched some garbanzo-based items for his grab-and-go line, I realized EatGUD could make a vegan egg for us.”

In addition to hot breakfast sandwich deliciousness, Whole Foods offers a host of pre-prepared vegan foods.

Vegan sushi—featuring Ocean Hugger Foods’ vegan tomato-based tuna, debuted this year.

Mac and Yease – A creamy, delicious southern-style, baked vegan macaroni and cheese is also available at 55 Whole foods locations. Chef Ayindé Howell hopes to add new macaroni and cheese flavors—such as tempeh bacon with jalapeño, black truffle and balsamic, and Buffalo and broccoli—to the line.

This is , news for Vegans on the South Coast but again, Whole Foods,  I implore you, please show us Eastern Staters some ready-made vegan love.

Julie Nealon

Associate Editor, New York USA | Contactable via [email protected]


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