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Want Free Tickets to All Beyonce’s Concerts? Go Vegan Then!

by | February 2, 2019

Lifetime free tickets to Beyonce’s concerts!!!!

Confused? Intrigued? Beyonce has come up with a fantastic offer for her fans where they stand a chance to win free tickets FOR LIFE to all her gigs! And there’s only one condition she puts forth: you have to GO VEGAN! Find out more about it below…

Free Tickets To Beyonce's Concerts!
Credits: A.RICARDO/ Shutterstock

Free Tickets to Beyonce’s Concerts!

It hasn’t been long when Beyonce and her husband Jay Z advocated veganism in the introduction of a new cookbook titled ‘The Green Print: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World.’ The power couple seems to be in the mood to take their commitment to a new level.

The Queen B took to Instagram to address her 123 million followers and announced The Green Print Project, allowing all her fans to stand a chance to win lifetime free tickets to Beyonce’s concerts. She captioned the pic:

“What is your Greenprint? 
Click the link in my bio for a chance to win tickets to any JAY and/or my shows for life.”

Beyonce via Instagram

On clicking the link in her bio, it takes us to the Green Print Project’s website where the entire terms and conditions of the contest have been laid down clearly. The Green Print website further advocates going vegan, citing several reasons in which the decision would be helpful for the planet.

From Green Print Project’s website
Free lifetime tickets to Beyonce’s concerts?

The only condition? Fans need to commit to a plant-based diet plan. Contestants have the option to opt for eating two vegan meals a day or Meatless Mondays in order to qualify for the competition. The entire list of rules and regulations can be read here.

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