Weaning My Vegan Baby- Success?

by | January 8, 2018

It has been about two months now since we first began offering my vegan baby solid foods and it’s finally starting to feel like we are on the path to success!


While he has been keen to put new foods into his mouth, so far it had mostly been to explore the texture and he didn’t want to actually swallow much of his food so was still nursing as frequently and for as long as he always has; trying to incorporate three meals into our day when we were still on two hourly feeds meant that almost all day was spent nursing or offering food, which obviously doesn’t leave much time for anything else, like housework, play, bathing, etc.


In the past week, our baby has finally started to see food as fuel and will happily feed himself and then wait a little longer before asking for milk. Although I know that we will (hopefully) be continuing to breastfeed for months or even years to come, it’s made me a little sad that eventually there will be no more of the sweet moments we share while he nurses.


The upside of course is that this is so perfectly normal! With every little amazingly average thing he does, I am so proud. Each bean that he manages to put in his own mouth represents a step towards independence and that’s a great thing.


Health wise, our baby is doing incredibly well so I know that he is on track nutritionally, which is quite encouraging. He is on the brink of getting himself into a standing position and cruising the furniture and is working hard on his pointing and his pincer grip. He is realising that people and objects still exist when he can’t see them (he loves to ‘hide’ himself from us) and that although daddy leaves the house for a few hours most days, he always shows up again later on.


Obviously most of his nutrition is still coming from my milk but now it looks like we are on the road to solid food making up a portion of his daily intake so it’s time to really make sure we are offering him good, healthy food each day and that he’s getting all the nutrients he needs, which also means starting him on a vitamin B12 spray.


I’m sure it’s only going to get messier and more interesting from here but I’d say so far, we are enjoying our success!

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