Families at last year’s march in London (Source: Emily Court)

Will London’s Official Animal Rights March Break 20k This Weekend?

by | August 14, 2019

London’s upcoming event, The Official Animal Rights March (TOARM), may break records this year when it comes to its turnout.

According to the official event page, 5000 people are attending, while another 16000 have indicated that they might attend. This could leave the London event poised to break last year’s record of over 10000 attendees.

The London march was the jump-off point for what is now a multi-national affair. Started in 2016 by Surge, a grassroots anti-speciesist organization, the movement reportedly saw 28000 marchers take to the streets around the world last year. This year, it’s set to hit 41 other cities across five continents.

The Official Animal Rights March 2019
Animal Rights Flyer (Source: The Official Animal Rights March 2019 London Facebook)

Surge & Animal Rights

Surge, co-founded by famed animal activist Ed Winters — also know as Earthling Ed — is an active animal liberation group that creates change through education. Surge runs ad campaigns, and facilitates projects such as The Big Vegan Activism Van, which provides outreach to UK Universities and secondary schools.

Surge has also opened a vegan diner called the Unity Diner in Hoxton, London, the profits of which go back into animal activism, and an animal sanctuary Surge has in the works.

The London event begins this Saturday, August 17th, at Achilles Way near Buckingham Palace Gardens.

You can find the cities that will be taking part here.

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