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Woman Has Anti-Vegan Outburst In NZ Cafe

by | August 5, 2019

A woman has been recorded in an anti-vegan vegan outburst at New Zealand vegan cafe Sweet Release.

The woman, who was filmed by cafe owner Kristine Bartley, used profanity and alleged that the cafe is harming people’s health by serving vegan food. She claimed that a vegan diet should be “banned, because you’re evil, particularly when it comes to children, as iron is absolutely vital for the brain for growing children.”

According to Bartley, the woman also made racist remarks toward her prior to her filming.

Sweet Treat
The woman made racist and anti-vegan remarks (Source: Sweet Release / Facebook)

Bartley initially posted the video on social media but — after the story was published by the NZ Herald and Stuff — removed it from a desire to protect the woman’s identity.

She did advise the woman that she would put the video on social media while she was filming, to which the woman replied “well put it on social media, and I hope people learn that vegan is dangerous.”

Bartley replaced the video with a message requesting that people “please all be kind to each other.”

You can see the new video on the Sweet Release Facebook page.

Vegan Kid
Vegan diets are understood to be safe for children

Is A Vegan Diet Safe For Children?

Not everyone shares the woman’s anti-vegan sentiments.

It is the position of the American Dietetics Association that a properly planned vegan diet is safe for all stage stages of life, including infancy and childhood.

The British Nutrition Foundation also recently made recommendations on a the safe vegan diets for children can be found here.

Do you feed your kids a vegan diet? Let us know in the comments below.


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