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10 LGBTQ+ Vegans To Celebrate This Month

by | June 22, 2020

Pride Month provides a great opportunity to uplift queer voices and show a little extra love for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

What follows are a list of highly inspirational LGBTQ+ vegans to get engaged with today!

LGBTQ+ Vegans To Celebrate Now & Always

Jason Mraz Pride Month
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Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz first adopted veganism to support his friend who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and now sticks to eating mostly raw foods.

Unafraid to standa apart, Mraz has also been spoken publically about veganism and his sexuality his sexuality. The recording artist alluded to his interest in both men and women before officially identifying as bisexual in 2018.

Thomas Dekker Pride Month
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Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker has been vegan since he was just 12-years-old.

The actor best known for his roles in the Heros and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Backstrom was accidentally ‘outed’ during the 2017 Outfest Los Angeles panel.

Dekker took the opportunity to clear the air about the speculation and revealed he is indeed gay and happily married to a man.

Simon Amstell

Stand-up comedian and TV presenter Simon Amstell made headlines when he released his vegan mockumentary, Carnage: Swallowing the Past in 2017.

He also famously wrote on years of being “closeted” and how it impacted his life experience.

Honey LaBronx

Honey LaBronx is a vegan drag queen who uses her stardom to spread the vegan message. She hosted a YouTube show called The Vegan Drag Queen Cooking Show and is currently the co-host of Big Fat Vegan Radio.

LaBronx is an all-in activist and has raised money for both LGBTQ+, and animal advocacy and protection organizations.

In 2011, she was one of eight activists arrested for blocking New York City traffic during a peaceful protest for marriage equality.

Christopher Sebastian-McJetters

Christopher Sebastian-McJetters is a vegan activist and social justice advocate. He is an author, researcher, co-founder of VGN and lecturer at Columbia University.

Sebastian-McJetters is known for speaking about veganism from a black and queer economic perspective. He explains why a vegan lifestyle is a useful tool for deconstructing multiple systemic oppressions.

Jasmin Singer

Jasmin Singer is an American animal rights activist, writer, speaker and actress. Singer is also the co-founder of the non-profit organization Our Hen House, which strives to end animal exploitation. She also serves as the co-host of its corresponding radio show.

In 2016, the NYC-based activist wrote a memoir titled Always too much and never enough about her childhood and coming out. She also often explains how LGBTQ+ issues and the animal rights movement are overlapping social justice issues.

Rudy Rose Pride Month
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Ruby Rose

Actress Ruby Rose is a well-known celebrity and perhaps one of the most widely recognized LGBTQ+ vegans on this list.

Rose actively promotes veganism as a method to address climate change and has been an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, supporting marriage equality and speaking on behalf of gender-nonconforming individuals for some time.

Rose herself identifies as vegan, lesbian, and gender fluid. Last year, she played a the first lesbian vegan superhero in CW’s upcoming show Batwoman.

Bella Thorne Pride Month
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Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne went from starring in a SeaWorld commercial to becoming an avid PETA supporter and outspoken advocate for vegan livin, often sharing vegan meals and memes on social media.

Thorne is open about being pansexual, and has had public relationships with both men and women.

Jane Lynch one of many LGBTQ+ Vegans
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Jane Lynch

Golden Globe and Emmy-Award winning film and television actress Jane Lynch is a vegan and committed animal rights activist. She has recently partnered with PETA in a spay-and-neuter campaign to combat pet euthanization as a result of homing issues.

Lynch, who identifies as lesbian, has also long raised awareness about the bullying of LGBTQ+ teens, as well as Project Angel Food, which provides food to people with AIDS.

Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert, the host of The Talk until last year, stands by the benefits of a vegan diet for health. She also wrote The Imperfect Environmentalist, a book promoting plant-based living as a major aid to the environmental cause.

Gilbert has openly discussed her sexual discovery and when she first realized she was gay, an epiphany which would lead to her eventual marriage to Linda Perry.

Who are some of your favorite LGBTQ+ vegans? Let us know in the comments below.


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