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5 Adorable and Delicious Vegan Restaurants in Bordeaux, France

by | December 7, 2018

Located in Southwestern France; Bordeaux was where I opted to study abroad during my third year of university. I chose this location not only because Bordeaux wine is my favorite, but I wanted to be near the water and away from Paris. The French are very proud of their cuisine and unfortunately for me, their cuisine consists heavily of cheese and various types of meat. Vegan restaurants in Bordeaux? I wasn’t too convinced. 

Also, the French love to top a lot of food with bacon. Before the move, I had thought that I would have to resort to home-cooked meals every day and that I wouldn’t be able to go out to dinner or a weekend brunch with my friends. I’ll be the first to admit it- I was wrong. Here are my top five vegan-friendly food spots that I’ve discovered in my time living there.

Café Kokomo (Breakfast/Brunch)

vegan restaurants in bordeaux

Situated near the beautiful Cathedrale Saint-André, you will find a very aesthetic café specializing in what they label as “Californian” cuisine. Not only do they cater to vegetarians and vegans, but they also offer gluten-free options in their menu which are very clearly marked on their menu. Their hearty portions make the perfect brunch before embarking on a Lush shopping spree on Rue Sainte-Catherine. I personally recommend trying their guacamole! As a California girl living in France, it is the most authentic that I’ve encountered thus far. Most of the staff are also proficient in the English language so do not hesitate with asking them any questions!

Le Comptoir des Chats (Lunch/ Café)

vegan restaurants in bordeaux

Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? Look no further. At Le Comptoir des Chats, or The Cat Café, you’ll be met with a lovely staff and their seven cats. During meal time between noon and two, you can enjoy whatever vegan option is offered from their ever-changing menu. When I went three weeks ago, I enjoyed a hearty Buddha Bowl with a lemon hummus dressing, avocado, quinoa, nuts, and fresh greens. They sometimes offer vegan sushi on the menu, house-made of course! Outside of lunch hour, you can choose from a large menu of tea and coffee to be enjoyed alongside the company of the cats. Personally, I think that Ben is the biggest sweetheart. What makes this spot truly wonderful is the very apparent compassion that the staff has for keeping their cats happy, healthy and loved.

Planet Sushi Clémenceau (Lunch/Late-Night Dinner)

vegan restaurants in bordeaux

Located near Place Gambetta, Planet Sushi has been one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Bordeaux for dinner since I first moved to France. Not only is this affordable gem open until eleven at night, but they also deliver which is perfect for those nights when you’re too exhausted to leave your Airbnb. Their menu is extensive and there are a surprising amount of vegan options including the California Vegan, the Makislim Veggie and the Maki Avocat. They also offer many salads and side dishes that are guilt-free! Lastly, their website is extremely user-friendly so you can easily research the menu beforehand where you can find a complete list of their dishes offered which are accompanied by photos and an ingredient list. Happy munching!

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Wild Note Vegan Burger (Comfort Food/ Late-Night)

vegan restaurants in bordeaux

Another great spot for a late dinner which you can find near Victoire is this specialty vegan burger joint! Not only can you get a delicious plant-based burger here with all the fixings you would like, but you can also enjoy faux-mage (vegan cheese) on your patty! The ambiance is great for a night out with friends as they also offer a nice selection of beer and wine as well as wi-fi if you’d like to Instagram your meal. They also sell wine and make sweet treats that you can take-out. If you’re hungry, I recommend ordering the au menu which allows you to choose a burger, side, drink and a dessert.

Amorino (Dessert)

vegan restaurants in bordeaux

Amorino is a well-known gelato shop throughout all of Western Europegluten-, they even began expanding and opening-up shops internationally including San Francisco, Casablanca night out Dubai. They are well known for their Instagram-worthy gelato “roses” and their perfectly creamy frozen treats. Amorino’s sorbet is endorsed by The Vegan Society (so you don’t have to worry about any cross-contamination) and all three sizes of cornets (cones) that they offer are vegan-friendly. Other vegan options include their Italian inspired granitas and sorbet drinks. Walking along Le Miroir D’eau is the best way to enjoy your cruelty-free treat in Bordeaux. 

Do you know any vegan restaurants in Bordeaux? Let me know in the comments. 

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