5 Things No One Ever Told You About Pregnancy

by | January 22, 2018

Your DNA Will Change!

This really messed with our heads when we first found it out. There have been some studies that showed that birthing a male baby, their male DNA can be found in the mom. It is speculated that because of the male baby’s blood has been circulating in the mother during pregnancy.

It doesn’t appear to have any lasting effects, or side effects to the parent, although mothers have reported some changes to their bodies.



Not just for someone collecting their pension, hemorrhoids might actually make you feel like your body is about to drop out your ass. These veins, that start to swell affect up to half the population of pregnant women.  The offender  is your increasing blood flow and swelling uterus. Don’t worry, after the baby is born, they usually go back to normal.

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All That Saliva

Never thought you’d be the type of person who is spitting out the window as you drive down the 95, guess again! No one can give an exact reason why it happens, but you’ll have so much saliva during pregnancy.  Top contenders are just plain hormones changing, or it’s a reaction to morning all day sickness, and your body’s natural reaction is to create extra saliva when you’re ready to vomit.


Restless Leg Syndrome

restless leg syndrome pregnancy

You might feel like you’re losing the plot, or there are a million teeny tiny spiders inside your legs. This is one pregnancy side effect that will drive you around the bend.  There have been a lot of reports that a calcium and magnesium combined  vitamin helps keep the pins and needles at bay. (Always check with your medical professional before taking anything)


Peeing Your Pants Becomes Reality

That extra change of clothes in the car will become your best friend, and due to the likely scenario of needing more than just one. I’d pack a suitcase for any short trips to the local supermarket.

With your bladder situation directly under that growing baby, the pressure sometimes becomes a little much and, surprise! Never returning to that store again. It’s not just when you need to pee, and can happen during any of the following; coughing, sneezing, exercising, laughing too much, moving too quickly… you get the idea. So brush up on those kegels, you’re going to need them.

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