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The 6 Best Free Apps For Expecting Moms

by | January 16, 2019

Are you pregnant and worried about what happens next? Do you wish you had a pregnancy partner to guide you through the journey while preparing you for what to expect with each passing day? If that’s how you feel too, relax. There are some really good free apps for expecting moms to make this journey a bit more enjoyable to them.

Free Apps For Expecting Moms
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The 6 Best Free Apps For Expecting Moms

Here is a list of the six best apps for pregnant women that might help them a lot during the nine month long journey.


This app can be your best friend when it comes to predicting your most fertile time. It calculates your ovulation date, keeps track of your menstrual calendar, and help track your periods. It makes getting pregnant easy by maintaining a fertility chart. With 4.7/5 rating on iTunes, this app can surely be a helping hand. Download it here.


Wish you could connect with fellow expecting moms? Peanut has this sorted out for you. It helps you connect to other pregnant women and embark on the new journey in the company of several like-minded women. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Download it here.


So, you’re pregnant now. But what happens next? What should you expect with each passing day? Sprout (they sure chose the right name) guides you throughout the pregnancy, updating you with regular information on the growth of your baby inside the womb. Tracking weight or your little one’s gentle kicks couldn’t be any easier! The best of all free apps for expecting moms? Check it out yourself. Download it here.


The name says it all. This app is a great planning tool that helps first-time moms be better prepared for everything. It reminds you of all the regular doctor visits, guides you on the baby’s growth inside the womb, and fetches real time answers for all your pregnancy related queries. Love reading pregnancy guides? This app gets you reading material for on pregnancy related topics. Download it here.


Just like its name, this app is pure fun and cute. It has really cute graphics to amuse you all day long and lovely colors to brighten your day. This one is, in fact, my favorite of all the free apps for expecting moms. Cute, humorous and adorable to look at too! Hello Belly helps you stay stress-free with its mommy yoga video classes. It prepares you for baby’s arrival with the guiding tool and access tips from real moms about recovery post-birth. Download it here.


This app gives you daily updates on your baby’s growth. You can read articles and see videos on pregnancy related topics. What’s more, you can refer to guides to relieve yourself from some common uncomfortable pregnancy problems. And it has a cute baby bump picture recorder to help you keep track of your 9 month long journey. Download it here.

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