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Why Vegan Movie Theater Snacks in France Rule

by | January 13, 2019

If you love watching movies and are ever in France, you’ve got to try these vegan movie theater snacks.

I go to the movie theater probably more than I would like to admit, whether it be while I’m in France or when I’m back home in California during the summer break. The French take their food very seriously, and this includes movie theater food. Cinema culture in France is much different than it is in America. For example, the food is very cheap in French theaters. One downside about the French cinema in comparison to American is that there are no pretzels or Starbucks popups or photobooths. However, I consider this a small price to pay as there are plenty of vegan movie theater snacks. Be ready to get spoiled with choices.  

vegan movie theater snacks

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Why Vegan Movie Theater Snacks in France Rule

Here are my three go-to options which you can expect to indulge in if you ever find yourself in a French movie theater.


Popcorn is perhaps the most important snack that you can have at the movie theater. Despite some American theaters offering a vegan kettle corn option, it’s just not the same. However, in France, butter isn’t used on popcorn so you can indulge in your choice of either sucré (sweet) or salé (salty) popcorn. Coming in four different sizes, you can take a personal-sized popcorn for yourself, or a larger family sized bag to share with all of your friends. Think about taking your bag of popcorn au menu when ordering to get a drink at a lower cost than you would if you bought it separately.


Most large movie theaters in France will have a bar available where you can grab a pre- or post-movie drink. Beer is a great light option that is almost always vegan and not to mention, cheap. At my cinema choice of UGC, you also have a cocktail selection if you’re in need of something stronger after crying over A Star is Born for the third time.


For those who don’t already know, Oreos are accidentally vegan and it never fails to be a staple in my movie theater adventures. Although I do recommend buying them beforehand at a Carrefour since the ones in the movie theater almost always tend to be accidentally crushed, you can still pick up a last-minute roll with your popcorn. If you’re feeling daring, you can also smuggle in a pint of vegan ice cream with you to dunk your Oreos in.

What are your favorite vegan movie theater snacks? Let me know in the comments below.

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