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Bread-crumbing is NOT a Cooking Term! Check This List of Dating Jargon

by | January 4, 2019

Here’s a list of dating jargon for newly single parent. The new year brings forth a lot of goals and resolutions, and perhaps getting back into the dating scene is one of yours. Dating as a single parent is exciting and slightly terrifying. Maybe it’s been ten years since you’ve sat across from a person who wasn’t your baby daddy or mama. In my experience, so far, it’s been a lot of fun getting to know new people. I’ve had my ego (and maybe some other things) stroked, and I’ve also had my heart and expectations smashed a little. It can be really tough to meet new people. It’s not like you’re going to meet the man of your dreams at the P.T.A. meeting, wouldn’t that make life so easy.

List of Dating Jargon To Keep You Updated
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List of Dating Jargon To Keep You Updated

You’ve got to put yourself out here and be receptive. Maybe you’ve met someone, and they’re being really slow to take the leap from texting to an actual face-to-face date. There I said it, the ‘D’ word. It seems to scare the sh*t out of some people. I’ve found myself avoiding it sometimes, texting with someone for weeks, but never actually meeting them. I don’t know if I’m scared, or if I’m just not that interested. There’s one thing that I’ve noticed myself doing, and I’ve got to stop. Bread-crumbing. Have you heard that word before? I’m not talking about cooking here.

I do something that I’ve heard my girlfriends cry about. Just yesterday, a friend of mine was telling me about her frustrations with a guy she’d been seeing. “He texts me every once in a while, just when I’m about to give up on him and move on I get a text.” I told her that he was breadcrumbing her. Paying her just the tiniest amount of attention, the bare minimum to keep her interested. He was dangling the proverbial carrot. The words had barely come out of my mouth when I realized I’ve been doing that. I’m not doing this to hurt someone purposefully. It’s selfishly for my own ego. Even though I’m not really interested in the guy, I’ll string him along so that I never have to feel alone. I’m that a**hole.

My friend was flabbergasted. How had she never heard of this term before and how in the h*ll did I know about it? It was then that I realized a lot of us are probably not up to date with all of the jargon. So I’ve compiled a list of dating jargon. The more you know!


You probably know this one already. AF is an acronym for ‘as f*ck.’ Tired AF, single AF… you get it.


Sending just enough flirty, yet non-committal messages to keep someone interested. (Hi, that’s me, don’t date me, I’m an a**hole and I’ll probably break your heart. (Sorry!)


Winter is coming! We are deep in the midst of cuffing season. This is when the eternal singleton pairs up in the winter months to avoid being lonely, then BAM the sun comes out, and you’re ghosted. (we’ll get to that one).


This one is a bit stalker-ish if you ask me. I think it’s probably wise to avoid this person. Deepliking is when you scroll through a person’s social media and like every single damn picture, even from ten years ago. Ew, don’t do that, it’s creepy AF.


Making sure that all of your posts and pictures on social media are perfectly perfect, only posting the good ones, you know, the pictures where you look hot AF at all times.


When a person you’ve been talking to or dating disappears, without explanation. Poof, they’re gone.


When said ghoster starts liking all of your social media post out of the blue.


In real life. When you finally go on a real face-to-face date with the person you’ve been talking to.


Someone who dates you, just giving the bare minimum and always keeps “better” options on the horizon.


When the person you’re seeing reads your messages but doesn’t reply, you have been R-bombed. You’ve been left on read. Harsh.


A mildly kinder way of ghosting, where you slowly wind down the contact with the person you’re seeing, leaving longer and longer between your replies, until they give up. (I do this one too, ugh, I’m a terrible person)


Winter is over! Dump that warm safety blanket and commence a summer of love.


Kind of like YOLO except dumping. “You only dump once.” Basically, never go back, don’t f**k the past.


When a ghoster suddenly starts texting you out of the blue, as if back from the grave. My advice here, drop the rope, they’ll 100% ghost you again.

So there you have it. You’re now armed with all the lingo you need to navigate the crazy dating scene. It’s time to swipe right.

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And go.

Got more to add to this list of dating jargon? Comment below.

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