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The Ultimate Summer Reading List — Must-Have Titles For Conscientious Kids

by | July 15, 2020

School is out for the summer, but reading doesn’t have to be.

Beautifully-illustrated children’s books with well thought-out themes can be a great way for your little ones to continue to grow all summer long. The right titles can spark their imagination, improve their understanding of real-world issues and bring joy and curiosity to their day-to-day lives.

Handpicked by our staff, these educational books are must-haves for your thoughtful kid’s summer of 2020 reading list.

2020 Essential Summer Reading List For Kids

Let's Go Play Children's Book summer reading pick
Inspire compassionate thinking with an inclusive title for all (Provided)

Let’s Go Play

Through onstage performances and outer space adventures, Let’s Go Play explores different-ableness in a way that encourages learning, inclusion, and play among all children.

Full of vibrant colors and playful rhyme, this children’s book celebrates physical differences by introducing adaptive equipment, or the “tools” that help differently-abled children navigate their everyday lives.

Inspired by her daughter’s use of some of these “tools,” author Shelby McCarthy wrote Let’s Go Play to create a loose understanding of different abilities and, perhaps more importantly, to help to spark kids’ awareness about inclusive imaginative play.

You can purchase the book here, and use the coupon code RAISEVEGAN for 10% off through the month of August.

The Brave Little Turtle Children's Book
A summer reading must-have with a charming main character (Provided)

The Brave Little Turtle

Take a dive into the deep blue sea and join the adventures of Nane the turtle.

Written and illustrated by Gill McBarnet, The Brave Little Turtle is about much more than the traits of one friendly sea creature. Through a magical underwater journey, young readers will be introduced to conservation in a way that is as both educational and enjoyable.

Reading this book to your little ones will help reinforce the importance of protecting our oceans through eye-catching Hawaii-inspired illustrations and characters that make it an easy, fun read for anyone.

Check out the Hawaiian Children’s Books website to get your copy today, using the promo code ALOHA15 for 15 percent off your order.

A Change of Heart Children's Book
Spark compassion with this lovely title (Provided)

A Change of Heart

For parents, the harsh reality of animal agriculture may be a tough topic to tackle with their kids. Good news — A Change of Heart can make that task a whole lot easier.

Authors Mark Chapman and Tanya Flink wrote this heartwarming book with a focus on compassion and empathy for all beings.

The story of newborn dairy calf Little Benny, shared through Cheryl Chapman’s vibrant illustrations, will engage you and your child from cover to cover.  Stressing the importance of compassion, this heartwarming picture book is a great introduction to veganism for all.

Get ready to have your heart melted, and pick up a copy on the Switch4Good website today.

Bean the Environmental Lentil
Enjoy this fun-filled story with an important message (Provided)

Bean the Environmental Lentil

Beans have everything to do with eco-friendly living in this charming children’s book.

The story, written by Karisa Masing, focuses on a little bean who is passionate about taking care of mother earth. Throughout its pages, this caring legume shares the importance of sustainability with readers young and old. 

Whether you live an eco-friendly life or simply plan to, Bean will inspire both you and your kids to take steps in the right direction, making the earth a better, more wondrous place to live.

Grab a copy for your summer reading pile through Karisa’s Etsy page.

kids book by dr kasey a johnson
This lovely title shares the magic of pediatric chiropractic (Provided)

Maddox’s Trip to the Chiropractor

Maddox’s Trip to the Chiropractor will turn your kid’s doctor-visit dread into a love for learning about health and their amazing bodies.

In this story, Maddox shares how regular visits to her chiropractor help keep her body healthy so she doesn’t have to miss out on any playtime — sharing the benefits of regular healthcare in a way kids can understand.

This charming title was written by vegan author and chiropractor, Dr Kasey Johnson, whose mission is to change family trees by teaching as many kids as possible about true health and wellness — in a way that’s fun for everyone.

Grab your copy on Dr Kasey Johnson’s website today.

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