Babywearing Brides — The Viral Wedding Trend Everyone is Talking About

by | July 2, 2020

When bride Dalton Mort decided to wear a colourful baby sling from sustainable babywearing brand Oscha Slings down the aisle, she couldn’t have anticipated the internet storm the pictures from her big day would stir up. 

Since these stunning images went viral back in February 2019, the trend for carrying your little one in a statement sling during your wedding ceremony has been growing in popularity. In fact, the team at Oscha Slings is predicting that this will be one of the biggest wedding trends of 2020. 

Not only is babywearing a practical way to care for your little one while you say “I do”, but it also allows your whole family to be involved in the amazing day you have planned. With your child an integral part of the look and feel of your big day, they will love looking back and seeing that they were a part of your wedding!

babywearing brides example
An elegant and engaging way to include your family in your celebration — and look great at the same time (Provided)

“Just Made Sense”

It’s safe to say tendsetter Dalton has no regrets when it comes to involving her baby in her big day.

“Deciding to wear my daughter just made sense to me. Our wedding Mass was during nap time,” she told Good Morning America last year.

“I thought it might keep her calm on an already overwhelming day for her. I knew she would want to be near me. All of that, plus my husband and I wanting her to be involved somehow in the ceremony, it just was the best thing for everyone.”

babywearing bride

Why Babywearing Brides Choose Oscha Slings

Oscha Slings, a longtime partner of Raise Vegan and ethically conscious brand is a perfect fit for brides looking to tote their littles on their walk down the aisle.

Oscha’s baby wraps and ring slings are made from elegant fabrics which are then tied around you (as with Dalton’s baby wrap) or fastened through a set of rings which sit neatly on the shoulder. With a range of carrying styles possible, and a huge selection of responsibly sourced, organic and vegan fabrics to choose from, there is sure to be a sling to suit your theme and style. Whether you’re going for a soft and timeless or bold and bright wedding, you will find a sling to complement your color scheme perfectly. 

Why Babywearing?

Babywearing has many amazing benefits for parents and little ones. By having your child close to you will ensure they are engaged in the day and are less likely to fuss. Carried children have been proven to cry less and sleep more — what more could you want during a wedding ceremony?

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