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5 Destinations on my 2019 Travel Bucket List That Should Be On Yours Too

by | January 2, 2019

If you love to travel, odds are that you have already been making plans for where you would like the visit in the new year. I know I have. As a self-proclaimed foodie, availability and accessibility of plant-based options when going out to eat definitely has an influence on my travels if I am deciding between two places to visit. Here is my shortlist of five vegan-friendly travel destinations that I hope to visit in 2019.

2019 Travel Bucket List
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My 2019 Travel Bucket List

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is known to be one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world with dozens of vegan spots scattered throughout this student-city. With Kopps as the most famous option for an all-vegan restaurant, you can enjoy a three-course German meal for a low price of 19 euros. Want to try something different? There is also a Berlin vegan map application to help you find your perfect match on the go. High on priority in my 2019 Travel Bucket List.

Liverpool, England

As another unlikely suspect, Liverpool is home to what looks like a heaven of vegan eats, including vegan influencer Monami Frost’s new burger joint Frost Burgers. At Frost Burgers, you can indulge in not only cruelty-free burgers but fries (or as they say in England, chips) nuggets, cookies, ice cream, and milkshakes are also offered.

Portland, USA

With everything from soul food to vegan fusion, you won’t have to look far and wide for vegan food in the City of Roses. As the 2016 winner of Peta’s “Most Vegan-Friendly City” award, Portland is also known for hosting events many vegan food festivals such as VegFest and VegOut. A must in the 2019 Travel Bucket List.

Toronto, Canada

The capital of the Ontario province and home of anything and everything that you could want, Toronto is a must-visit for all globetrotters. Vegan youtuber and influencer Kalyn Nicholson proves how effortless it is to find vegan eats throughout the city. Think about visiting Veghed like a true local would, taking a smoothie to-go.

Istanbul, Turkey

As the European city with the highest number of inhabitants, Istanbul has no shortage of food suitable for us herbivores. Between visiting the Hagia Sophia and Taksim Square, don’t forget to grab a bite at Vegan Istanbul to plant-based and Turkish takes on your favorite comfort foods.

Where will you be traveling to in 2019? Got more suggestions to add to the 2019 travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

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