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All About Raising Vegan, As Told by a Neuropsychologist On Plant Based Diet

by | December 26, 2018

Is raising kid’s on a herbivorous diet ethical? Do such children grow to be happy? An ethical vegan neuropsychologist answers all questions about raising vegan to FEMAIL

raising vegan
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Australian Neuropsychologist On Raising Vegan

The widely acclaimed eye opening documentary, Earthlings, has turned many meat eaters into ethical vegans overnight. Ash Nayate, neuropsychologist from Australia, is one such ethical vegan who took a vow to stick with plant based lifestyle nearly a decade ago. She is raising a four year old son on vegan diet and couldn’t stop gushing about the positive impacts, in an interview with Daily Mail

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Talking about the decision to raising vegan, Dr Ash told Daily Mail, “My husband and I always knew we would be raising our children vegan”.
Dr Ash elaborated how they had to endure severe criticism from people on their decision to raise vegan, especially from those who were either ill-informed or lacked thorough information about what veganism actually is. She further adds that there are some people who genuinely believe vegans eat only carrots and lettuce leaves. 

Raising vegan
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Dr Ash took the opportunity to dispel few myths about raising kids on vegan diet. She claimed her four year old son, Arvin is happy and at the mere age of four, he knows how to check product labels for animal ingredients. Pretty smart kid, must say!

She laughed at the notion about some people really thinking she feeds her son salads alone. She opened about her son’s diet in the interview, which included bananas, chia seeds, porridge, mangoes, vegan chocolate biscuits, peaches, vegetable bolognese, chickpea pasta with lentils, and bean and vegetable chili. 

And no her son doesn’t feel left our at birthday parties. She makes sure to pack snacks and even vegan cupcake with him, in case vegan options aren’t available. She explains, “These days parents are very accommodating of veganism due to egg and dairy allergies”. 

Arvin is quite proactive and checks product labels for animal ingredients in case his mom isn’t around to guide him. Though he is just four years old, Arvin does understand that cow’s milk is rang for cows and not humans. 
Dr Ash follows one simple rule to make her son understand the necessity of going Vegan. She explains him that intentionally harming or inflicting violence for your own needs is wrong. Her aim is to make him choose what’s right and not what’s popular. 

Indeed, the right way Dr Nayate! More power to you. 

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