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Beat The Naysayers With Vegan Meal Planner. 5 Reasons Why You Need One

by | January 4, 2019

All about vegan meal planner: what, how, and why.

Whether you’re embarking on the journey into the vegan world or taking up the Veganuary challenge, you’ll always have naysayers discouraging you with unsolicited advice like, “get ready to get buried under ever increasing grocery bills,” “vegan meals are time-consuming to prepare,” and the most frequently thrown around “but where will you get your protein from?”. Getting past these initial hiccups and cutting down the noise is pretty easy if there is a proper guide, and the company of fellow vegans to assist you through the journey.

Vegan Meal Planner
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5 Reasons Why You Need A Vegan Meal Planner

Vegan meal planning isn’t rocket science; you just need the right knowledge to assist you in making informed decisions. But with the plethora of information easily available through unreliable sources, can you simply rely on whatever Google or YouTube videos say? Perhaps not. A registered dietitian with expertise in plant based meal planning is the perfect partner you need. Here are top 5 reasons to opt for vegan meal planner.

Cut The Noise

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There are countless plant-based recipes available on the internet, and hundreds of cookbooks. You end up wasting a lot of time by having to navigate your way through them and come up with the ones that suit your needs and preference. A vegan meal planner saves you a lot of time by filtering out the unnecessary information. All you need to do is plan a week’s menu, in advance, with the help of a vegan expert dietitian and stick to it.

Eat Healthier with Plans Tailored to Your Nutritional Needs

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There is more to eating healthier than just adding plant-based food to your diet. A proper meal planner helps you incorporate the right nutrients, in the right amounts, into your diet. A vegan meal plan, prepared with the help of an expert dietitian, saves you from over indulgence into cravings that results in impulse buys. Eating healthier couldn’t be any easier.

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Money Saver

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Setting goals matters a lot. With a dietitian-led vegan meal plan, you save a lot of valuable time, as well as money that would have otherwise been spent on accumulating clutter you wouldn’t need eventually. I remember buying some unnecessary stuff when I first became vegan. The excitement of going vegan caught hold of my sanity and I did end up buying an extensive array of spices I didn’t even need. The 7 varieties of salts sitting cutely in my spice rack are living proof of how excitement can cloud your logical thinking! Having a dietitian to guide you in vegan meal planning saves you from all those impulse buys. You know what ingredients to buy, which veggies to stock in your refrigerator. When you have a pre-decided meal plan, you’ll stroll past the frozen vegan pizza section no matter how enticing it all looks. Reduce the clutter in your kitchen and pave the way for a sorted life.

Discover New Cuisines

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There’s much more to food than just meat, eggs, and dairy. Taking help from a dietitian or a meal planner exposes you to new cuisines and a world full of delectable flavors that you didn’t even know existed. For example, did you know that you could make a scrumptious Aloe Vera sabji in just a few minutes (will be posting the recipe sometime soon)There are hundreds of plant-based dishes waiting to be discovered. From agave dijon brussels sprouts to pea and spinach bread, there are more plant-based cuisines in the world than you ever thought of.

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Stress-Free Meal Prep

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With a vegan meal planner, you finally have an answer to the inevitable question: “What’s for dinner?” No more stressing about what to cook next, or giving in to cravings because you didn’t have a plan already. Worry less and cook more for healthier living.


Still confused? Join an exclusive vegan meal planning group and get in touch with expert dietitians. A safe and reliable place to seek guidance on vegan eating, meal planning, and sharing insight with fellow vegans.

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