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Check Out These Top 5 Must Watch Parenting Movies

by | January 13, 2019

Love watching movies with your kids? Here’s a list of top 5 must watch parenting movies.

Top 5 Must Watch Parenting Movies
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Top 5 Must Watch Parenting Movies

It is a pretty tough task to handle children at times, especially when they turn into teens. Their different approaches towards life, likes, dislikes, etc. arise as some complex issues in front of you. Right? You often become so restless while thinking about how you can develop healthy relationships with these teenagers, who seemed to have sprouted up overnight. Here, movies about parenting can play a major role. There are some seemingly perfect parenting movies out there that can help you navigate the best ways to serve your children.

Which are such awesome parenting movies to watch? Read on to know the top 5 must watch parenting movies.


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One of the best family movies of all time, this gem is about members of a family sticking together while facing harsh adversities. This inspiring tale of August Pullman will leave you spellbound. In this, a little kid with some facial differences enters the 5th grade, attending school for the first time. The storyline revolves around various problems and successes that he encounters, and how gladly his family supports him throughout his journey. Wonder is one of the most heartwarming movies to watch.

Boss Baby

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Yet another great family movie, this animated film interestingly delivers crucial life lessons to children. The major themes of this movie are sibling bonding and familial affection. Also, there is a perfect amalgamation of hilarious moments, which has made Boss Baby a worthwhile one.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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One of the best parenting movies to watch, the film adaption of Stephen Chbosky’s classic book of the same name showcases various sensitive issues like teenage depression and sexual abuse. This film is about the struggle of a teenager who is trapped in the clasp of depression. It is truly inspiring to watch him find his way throughout his high school journey.

This movie may help you understand the right approach with your teenager if they suffer from depression or another psychological disorder. The dialogues in this film have been turned into various popular quotes which leave the hearts of its audience skip a beat every time.

Want to be one among them?


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When it comes to the nicest parenting movies, Lion is one among them. It is the heart-touching story of a child’s struggle to find his biological mother after he had lost his way home. The plot of this amazing Indian film will definitely fill your heart with a myriad of emotions and the actor Dev Patel deserves applause for his brilliant performance.

To Kill a Mockingbird

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This astounding film is based on the 1960s novel by Harper Lee. You can watch it with your teens to make them understand the tough history of race relations in the United States and why we are existing at this place where we are now. The story of this movie is all about injustice and how intricately racism has become an integral part of the U.S. culture. The way in which this movie has portrayed how a kid checks out the world with all its beauty, tragedy, courage, and irony is really commendable.

Summing Up

Don’t these parenting movies convey a unique message? Would you like to add more to this list of top 5 must watch parenting movies

All of them are especially relevant to watch as parents. So, don’t wait anymore! Watch these films and it will definitely help you grow more as a parent and you will be able to understand parenting in a more unique way.

Got a different take on the top 5 must-watch parenting movies? Share your choice below. 

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