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5 Useful Smartphone apps for Expecting Moms

by | February 13, 2019

Pregnancy brain is real, and sometimes you feel like you might need a personal assistant just to keep everything in check. Thanks to technology and smartphones, you won’t need one. Here are five useful smartphone apps for expecting moms no matter how early or far along in your pregnancy you are.

5 Smartphone apps for Expecting Moms
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5 Smartphone apps for Expecting Moms

WebMD Pregnancy

This app will help you answer any key questions about your pregnancy and baby’s development during those 2 A.M. Ben and Jerry’s craving sessions and for when you’re away from your doctor. The app also features a pregnancy community where you can ask and share support with other moms-to-be. Don’t forget to check-out the health real aged articles which are all doctor-approved.

Full Term-Contraction Timer

This is one of the perfect smartphone apps for expecting moms who want their significant other to be more involved. They can download it on their significant other’s phone in preparation for your labor experience. Use the timer to time the duration of your contractions and to record how far apart they are from each other on the way to the hospital.

Baby Names

Having trouble choosing a name for your newest member of the family? Ditch the baby name book that will collect dust as soon as you decide on a name and use this app instead. Features include name meaning, origin, popularity by year, and pronunciation. The app currently houses more than 60,000 names so you’d be sure to find the perfect match. (As an added bonus, this application is also a great tool for writers when deciding character names)

Pregnancy +

Personalizable to be used by either moms-to-be, dads-to-be, grandparents, and more, this app gives daily updates on the progress of your growing baby. Do you know those cute Instagram posts talking about your baby’s size as compared to fruit? You can get those size comparisons here.


Although initially advertised as a platform to buy and sell gently used children’s clothes, here you can also find maternity wear, nursery items, and other baby-related necessities. Buying second-hand items through platforms similar to these can end up saving you a lot of cash early-on so you won’t feel guilty splurging on that much-needed pedicure a few months in.

What is your favorite smartphone app? Do you have any more to add to the list of smartphone apps for expecting moms? Let me know in the comments below.

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