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5 Vegan Baby Bump Moisturizers You’re Sure To Love

by | August 9, 2019

Body oils and butters are a great first line of defense against dry and itchy skin while pregnant, and can provide nourishment and hydration for your growing baby bump.

Safety is also a huge priority when considering skincare products to use while pregnant, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the quality of the products you’re using on that miracle-working body of yours.

So, without further ado, here’s five amazing baby bump moisturizers for a bit of extra self care while you’re expecting.

HATCH Belly Oil

HATCH Belly Oil was designed specifically with mamas-to-be in mind, and is packed full of antioxidants to support and soothe your belly as your skin grows with your baby.

It boasts a citrusy aroma and quick drying, nongreasy feel — making it perfect for busy mamas-to-be who need to moisturize, get dressed, and go.

Belly Butter
Belly Butter (Source: zoeorganics Instagram)

Zoe Organics Belly Butter

Zoe Organics Belly Butter is contains 100 percent organic ingredients — a win-win for you and baby!

This belly butter is a light-weight moisturizer that can be used as often as needed to hydrate, soothe itching, and promote elasticity of your baby belly.

Those who fall in love with this belly butter will be pleased to know that Zoe Organics also offers a range of 100 percent organic baby products like Diaper Balm, which are helpful to have on hand when you welcome your little one into the world.
Check it out here: https://www.zoeorganics.com/products/belly-butter?variant=1182665968

Earth Mama
Belly Oil (Source: Mama Earth)

3. Earth Mama Belly Oil

Earth Mama Belly Oil is perfect for providing comfort and intense hydration throughout your pregnancy.

A perk of this belly oil is that, if you suffer from sensitivity to smells during pregnancy, it is very lightly scented, and will help you avoid nausea that might be brought on by other baby bump moisturizers.

Urban Organics
Baby Food (Source: Urban Oreganics)

Urban Oreganics Body Food

This belly butter from Urban Oreganics is the ultimate clean and simple daily conditioning treatment for your growing bump — and any other bits that might need some extra care.

Not only is it body butter the perfect choice for your baby bump, but it is multipurpose and also serves as a great shaving cream, hair mask, diaper rash cream, and more.

Also, with only five ingredients, you can rest easier knowing exactly what you and your growing baby are being exposed to.

Body Oil
Baby Oil (Source: Urban Oreganics)

Urban Oreganics Body Oil

Urban Oreganics also offers a body oil that’s a dreamy combination of organic oils such as almond and avocado.

This rich oil is made with simple ingredients and no preservatives, allowing only the best for you and baby. It’s also sustainably packaged using an eco-friendly glass bottle for all of our environment focused-gurus.

Those who fall in love with this brand will also be pleased to know that Urban Oreganics offers a baby body butter, for after your little one makes their grand appearance.

Let us know your favorite vegan baby bump moisturizers in the comments below.


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