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5 Vegan Superfoods For Kids

by | March 5, 2019

Wondering what vegan superfoods you should be feeding your kid? Keep reading to know more…

Superfoods are nutritionally dense (and usually plant-based) foods that have undeniable health benefits. They are especially important for children because of the amount of nutrition they provide, which is essential for growing bodies. Forget about salmon and broccoli, here are 5 of the best vegan superfoods you should be feeding your kids that they won’t hate eating.

5 Vegan Super Foods For Kids
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5 Vegan Super Foods For Kids

Chia Seeds

As an unbeatable source of Omega-3s, antioxidants, calcium, iron, and fiber, chia seeds are also one of the easiest superfoods to sneak into your child’s diet to help them get extra nutrition. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds to your child’s morning cereal, dairy-free yogurt, or smoothie.

Goji Berries

Want to add a new berry to your kid’s picky diet? Try incorporating goji berries, which have the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Goji berry benefits include a strengthened immune system and eye protection. Use them in a pinch when your kid has a common cold to supplement their Vitamin C intake. Add goji berries into a kid-friendly trail mix, in tea, or even in juice.


Like most dark leafy greens, kale is essential for all vegans, your little one included. If your child is having trouble with greens (or vegetables, for that matter) try sneaking the kale into a berry smoothie or even try making kale chips in your own oven.


You’ve probably heard about avocado having good fat (monounsaturated fatty acids to be precise), but it is also packed with more potassium per gram than bananas and fiber. If avocado toast isn’t their thing, try making avocado ice cream, throwing an avocado in a smoothie, or even testing the waters with colorful guacamole.


Have you heard of moringa, also known as “the miracle tree”? If not, you’ve been missing out. Medicinally, moringa has been used in India as natural cancer prevention but it is great for combating inflammation and diabetes symptoms all while supporting the overall health of the brain and liver. In terms of being a superfood, it has large amounts of zinc, protein, and Vitamin C to name a few. Moringa can be taken in capsules or it can be sneaked into a sweet green juice.

Which of these vegan superfoods is your kid’s favorite? Which new ones will you have them try? Let me know in the comments below.

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