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5 Ways To Add More Complete Vegan Protein To Your Vegan Kid’s Diet

by | October 28, 2019

Who has the time to worry about calculating their children’s protein intake these days? Let’s face it, sometimes it can feel like a battle just to get them to eat a vegetable — which can make worrying about the intricacies of proper nutrition seem a little overwhelming. Well, worry not. We’re here to help.

A lot of hubbub tends to pop up when it comes to getting complete proteins on a plant-based diet — but what is a complete protein really? Is it true that they’re not available in plant foods?

In short, a complete protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids our bodies need but can’t produce on their own, so — while our protein needs may often be exaggerated in the health (or at least the fitness) industry — it is essential we get them from the foods we eat.

Most of us will procure the amino acids we need by consuming a variety of plant foods, but some foods are better sources than others, and make especially great inclusions to your kiddos’ diets.

What follows are a number of these options.

Your 5 Tasty Sources Of Vegan Protein

vegan protein source Nutritional yeast
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Nutritional Yeast

Who doesn’t like mac and cheese? You can load nutritional yeast onto your mac or any dish you want to make have a cheesy and savory taste with added nutritional punch.

Pile it on pasta or roasted veggies – or you can even make things fun by sprinkling it over your popcorn on movie night!

With more than 8g of protein in a quarter cup, a little bit can make a huge difference in your family’s diet.

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Quinoa contains 8g of complete protein per one cooked cup! Make it a staple grain in your household for worry-free living.

Add veggies and a nice vinaigrette dressing for a healthy lunch, or pile it with fruit, nut butter, and plant milk for a hearty breakfast that will keep the kids full at school, for a morning of sledding, or on the beach.

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Peanut Butter

Peanuts contain around 20g of protein per half cup, and are full of healthy fats. Looks like Dumbo was onto something! Pair the butter with whole grain bread and you’ve got a complete protein.

Turns out everybody’s favorite snack is not only delicious but is packed with 8g of complete protein per serving. Looks like the obsession can continue.

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Spirulina — a blue or green algae and what feels like 2019’s trendiest ingredient — comes in both powder or tablet form.

This complete protein contains around 8 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons, and can be added to smoothies and juices for a protein punch your kids can get excited about.

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Rice & Beans

Both staples in homes around the world, rice and beans are simply not to be underestimated.

Cook up some simple, hearty beans with salt, pepper, and mix with rice for a dish that will help to keep the whole family full and healthy.

The beans and rice combination is a famous one for its complete protein status, and holds about 12g per cup. 

What is your vegan kid’s favorite plant-based protein source? Let us know in the comments below.


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