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5-Year-Old Michigan Girl Dies After Contracting Coronavirus

by | April 20, 2020

A 5-year-old girl — the daughter of two first responders — has died in Michigan after contacting the coronavirus, COVID-19.

According to recent reports, Skylar Herbert developed a fever and eventually meningitis in the wake of a March diagnosis. She spent two weeks on a ventilator before her parents — sure she would not recover — had the support system removed on Sunday.

The pair — Ebbie and LaVondria, a firefighter and police officer — say they don’t know how Skylar contracted the virus, and that she’s been at home for weeks. She had no known health conditions prior to falling ill.

“She was the type of girl that would just run up to you and jump in your arms and hug you,” LaVondria told the The Detroit News.

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child during coronavirus outbreak
Children’s lives are at risk in the face of COVID-19 (Gargonia/Shuttertsock.com)

Children Not Immune To Coronavirus

While children are believed to be at a lower risk of severe complications or death as a result of the virus, they are by no means immune to its effects.

In Wuhan — the Chinese city where the virus may have first crossed from animals to humans — a 14-year-old boy died after contracting COVID-19.

California, Belgium and England have all also confirmed at least one coronavirus-related death of a person under the age of 18. 


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