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Animal Rebellion Group To Stage Two-Week Protest In London

by | August 15, 2019

Animal Rebellion, a newly formed movement of activists, has plans to hold a two-week-long protest in London.

The group — which aims to use non-violent civil disobedience to enact change — hopes to have 10,000 activists blocking London roads in the 14-day affair which starts October 7. Location details have not yet been announced.

The protest is part of the group’s call for an end to meat and dairy subsidies provided by the UK government — a move it maintains will not only lessen animal suffering, but help to combat climate disaster.

The group’s approach is modeled after that of Extinction Rebellion, a climate justice group which blockaded London’s busiest streets for 11 days last April.

Animal Rights March

The Demands Of Animal Rebellion

Animal Rebellion’s call to action does not end at the cessation of government subsidies.

The group calls also for the UK government to create a citizens assembly to oversee the goal of becoming a zero-emission country by 2025, and to foster a shift away from animal farming in favor of crop growth.

This plan of action is supported by a recent study from Harvard University which stated that, if all animal agriculture in the UK were replaced by plant agriculture, the nation would no longer need to import food.

According to the Animal Rebellion’s website, the group does not focus on converting individuals to veganism, but on creating large scale systematic change. Its mandate states that activist groups must focus on what unites them, rather than their differences, in order to work together to apply pressure to the government.

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