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Antispecist Militant Vegans Jailed for Ransacking Butcher Shops in France

by | April 17, 2019

A pair of two ‘antispecist’ militant vegans have been recently awarded with jail sentences for their commitment of attacks in Northern France that plundered and ransacked a series of butchers, restaurants, and shops. Know more here.  

Militant Vegans
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Two Antispecist Militant Vegans Jailed for Ransacking Butcher Shops in France

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According to Le Figaro, a pair of vegan activist, Mathilde, 29 who is a worker at a nursery school and Cyrile, 23 who is a social mediator were sentenced six and ten months of jail respectively. The imprisonment sentence was declared by the Criminal Court of Lille.

The court heard of the instances caused by the two militant vegans which included nocturnal invasions on meat-shops and other places that dealt with animal-derived products like fur. They caused criminal damage alongside tagging the businesses with phrases like “stop Speciesism,” “Their skin, not yours,” and even words like “Assassins.” Two other woman defendants were also sentenced with six months suspended imprisonment. The court reportedly allowed several thousand euros worth compensation to the damages faced by businesses while retaining risks of retaliation.

Since the last year, the pair have committed attacks across the Hauts-de-France region that included grave trials of damaging like attempts to even burn down premises with petrol causing severe fire damage. They reportedly caused damage to buildings like breaking shop’s windows, and painting graffiti among others. The pair has reportedly committed 15 attacks between November 2018 to February this year.

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Antispecist Militant Vegans Jailed for Ransacking Butcher Shops in France

According to the local media reports, several businesses dealing with animal-based products were plundered and vandalized by ‘militant animal rights activists’ in the Lille metropolis area. The militant activists campaigned to stop human beings ‘prioritized’ before animals using the word ‘antispecism.’

“We needed the example so that, finally, it puts a stop to these acts perpetuated by small groups with extremist and deeply violent ideas,” said the spokesperson of butchers’ union.

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The French media described the incidents as legal first, and the Northern Butchers’ Union Damien Legrand lawyer hopes that the imprisonment will “mark an end to the actions perpetrated” against businesses by militant vegans.

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