Astronomical Baby Names

by | December 23, 2017

Scientifically speaking, we are all made of stars. The same atoms that make up the billions of stars we can see from Earth make up each and every one of us, connecting us to our universe at the deepest of levels.


These names celebrate that astronomical link:


Starla – Popular in the sixties and seventies, Starla is beginning to resurface as a bright and bubbly name for baby girls. Including the word ‘star’ in your little one’s name is sure to boost their confidence and remind them how special and unique they are.


Seren – A Welsh word meaning ‘star’, Seren is a fairly popular name in Wales and some areas of the Middle East but is not so common elsewhere. It is most often used for girls but works equally well for boys; the fact that it is so close in spelling to ‘serene’ really gives it a calm, peaceful feeling that would suit any chilled out baby.


Aether – In medieval times it was believed that space, rather than being a vacuum, must be filled with something. The name given to this ‘something’ that made up all that we cannot see in our universe was ‘aether’. Sometimes referred to as ‘quintessence’. These days it is more common to refer to this mysterious unknown when something or someone has evanesced or faded into the mists, lending the word an enigmatic air that makes it a beautiful name.


Venus – Although this name is well known, Venus is still uncommon enough to ensure that your little one is unlikely to share their name with a friend. In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity, which is part of the reason this name feels so powerful! A great choice for parents who are having trouble choosing between unique and more traditional names. Venus is easy to spell and pronounce.


Celestia – A name of Latin origin meaning ‘heavens’ or ‘heavenly’, Celestia is a beautiful sounding name with a great rhythm. This name is a great combination of pretty and powerful and has lots of potential for personalization in the form of alternative spellings and nicknames.


Astra/ Astron – The Greek word ‘astron’ simply means ‘star’. Over the years it has been adjusted into the name Astra and given the meaning ‘of the stars’. As beautiful as the name Astra is, Astron is quite a unique and powerful name in itself and would be perfect for any little explorer.


Luna – Derived directly from the Latin name for Earth’s moon. Luna is also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. This name is quite popular in many European countries but less so in the Americas, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Sol – Meaning ‘sun’ in Spanish and many Nordic languages, Sol is a strong, simple name that would be very hard for anyone to mispronounce or misspell. As a bonus, Sol is also a Hebrew name meaning ‘peace’, a variant of the more common ‘Saul’.


Sky – This English word has evolved over many years from the Norse word for ‘cloud’. It has been consistently popular as a name for both boys and girls that grows well from a child’s moniker to an adult’s. With many ways to adjust the spelling and a number of variants to choose from such as Skylar or Skye, this name can be as ‘normal’ or as different as you like.


Lyra – Associated with both astronomy and music, Lyra is a beautiful name that holds a lot of meaning. The constellation Lyra is named for the notion that the stars that make it up form the Greek god Apollo’s lyre and the same base word is seen in many musical terms throughout the English language.


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