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Avocado Pits are the future of plastic

by | February 11, 2019

Plastic made from avocado pits? A Mexican company is making this possible. Read ahead to know more on this…

It’s no secret that plastic is destroying the environment- it’s polluting our oceans and the air we breathe. However, it’s undeniable that the use of certain plastics is beneficial in our society. What about a more ecological derivation of the material? Perhaps a biodegradable alternative that also aids in reversing ecological damage that we as humans have created? Mexico may have the solution- and it involves giving life to otherwise useless avocado pits.

Avocado Pits are the future of plastic
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Avocado Pits are the future of plastic

The company Biofase situated in Morelia, Mexico has become internet famous within the past week for amazing us with their idea of using avocado seeds as their raw source of biodegradable plastic. In 2014, the company won an award in “Top 5 Bioplastic Innovations”, an honor given to companies worldwide. They have also been the face of the bioplastic movement in Mexico for some time.

This invention of plastic derived from avocado pits is revolutionary for two reasons. First off, Mexico has a large waste problem with avocado, as they are at the top of the list for biggest avocado exporters worldwide. The company is helping to combat this waste in a positive and forward-thinking way with their eco-friendly products. Secondly, the company is able to keep the price point within the realm of affordability, promoting further global reach for when they choose to expand.

Biofase has extended their branding from uniquely cutlery to including biodegradable straws as well (they are a great, single-use alternative to multi-use stainless steel straws) The cutlery looks just the same as any plastic set would, with the exception of a slight earthy tint to them.

Having biodegradable and single-use “plastic” is important because the harsh reality is that the time it takes a plastic bottle to decompose is longer than a human’s lifespan. Eliminating single-use plastic is unfortunately not an option in our culture. However, replacing this old plastic with more ecological alternatives is what may stop this cycle of traditional plastic in everyday life.

Currently, both the straws and the cutlery are on sale via their website but there’s a catch- they’re currently only available in retail bulk with a going price of 26 cents per straw when you buy 2,000 units and 62 cents per fork when you buy 1,000 units. Here’s to hoping that soon we will see this product begin to appear in our local Whole Foods and Chipotle!

Would you use avocado pit plastic? What is your favorite alternative to single-use plastic? Let me know in the comments below.

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