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Six-Year-Old Birdbox Actress Named PETAs Youngest Ever Spokesperson

by | February 9, 2019

Vegetarian, Birdbox actress Vivien Lyra Blair recently spoke to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about her love of animals and her favorite vegan foods. Six-year-old Vivien, who played the role of ‘girl’ in the hit Netflix original movie always looks out for animals despite being blindfolded for the entire movie.

Six-Year-Old Birdbox Actress Named PETAs Youngest Ever Spokesperson
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Six-Year-Old Birdbox Actress Named PETAs Youngest Ever Spokesperson

Vivien tells PETA, in an exclusive interview that she likes lot’s of fruit and vegetables, specifically edamame, asparagus, green beans, and the Tofu Rice Bowl from Yuko Kitchen, but that she’s still working on liking spinach more.

The six-year-old Birdbox actress loves to hang out at home with her three rescue cats, including an orange tabby named Lazlo, who is, ‘the meowiest of them all.’ In a video for PETA, Vivien emplores viewers not to purchase animals, and to adopt them instead.

The Netflix movie ‘Bird Box” in which Vivian starred alongside Sandra Bullock quickly became a huge hit, with more than forty-five million views in its first week and eighty million in its first month. The movie is about post-apocalyptic survivor Malorie Hayes trying to reach a safe compound blindfolded, through a dystopian setting along a river with her children, called ‘boy’ and ‘girl,’ after mass hysteria led to people committing suicide and murder.

There are currently one hundred and thirty-nine million Netflix subscribers worldwide, with more than eight million signing up in the last quarter. The streaming giant has quite an extensive collection of vegan and cruelty-free themed documentaries in the repertoire including; What the Health, Cowsiriacy, Rotten and Forks Over Knives.

Vivian was inspired by the film’s success and is using the momentum to spread the vegan message. She is now PETA’s youngest ever spokesperson.

The Birdbox actress has previously worked on the television mini-series Waco and also starred as Isis in the 2017 film Band-Aid.

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